The 26th Annual Music Festival at Walnut Hill  

July 20 to August 13, 2017

Concerts and Master Classes
Admission free. Suggested Donation $5 at door


Wednesday, August 9, 2017,  7:30 PM

at Keiter Center

Walnut Hill School, Natick, MA

Rising Star concert 2


1, HAYDN: Sonata in c minor, Hob. XVI/20
I Moderato
Grace Soo Yeon Cho, piano

2, CRESTON: Sonata for E-flat Alto Saxophone, Op. 19
II With tranquility
Michael Xing, saxophone
Long-Ting Lam
, piano

3, LALO: Cello Concerto in d minor
I Prélude
Hawk Pin-Hao Chen, cello
Chi-Wei Lo
, piano

4, Li-San Wang: Other Mountains
I. Calligraphy and Chinese Lyre in F-Sharp Shang Mode
II. Geometrical Pattern in A Yu Mode
IV. Folk Toys in G Jiao Mode

Gehan Zhang, piano

5, FAURE: Violin Sonata in A Major, Op. 13
I Allegro Molto
Julie Yu-Tung Kao, violin
Betty Xing Zhang
, piano

6, ARIA JIARUO SHI: 4 Little Pieces for Violin
(World Premiere: composed during the festival
under the guidence of Professor Yong Yang)

Daisy Hsin-Ho Han, violin

7, VIEUXTEMPS: Sonata for Viola and Piano in B-flat Major, Op. 36
I Maestoso-Allegro
Tiffany Yi-Ting Chu, viola
Chi-Wei Lo
, piano

8, CHOPIN: Fantasie in f minor, Op. 49
Dommie Chien-His Hung, piano

9, BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonata in F-sharp Major, Op. 78
I Adagio Cantabile – Allegro ma non troppo
II Allegro Vivace

Dailin Zeng, piano

10, DVORAK: Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104
III Finale: Allegro moderato – Andante – Allegro vivo
Phoebe Pin-Hsien Chen, cello
Chi-Wei Lo
, piano

11, BACH-BUSONI: Chaconne
Xiangyun Lian, piano


Steinway piano provided by M. Steinert & Sons

Meet The Artists

Chen, Hawk Pin-Hao 陳品澔, cello, from Taiwan Xiushan Elementary School, student of Lana Hsiung and Wen-Sinn Yang.

Chen, Phoebe Pin-Hsien 陳品嫻, cello, from the Junior high of the Affiliated Senior High of National Taiwan Normal Univeristy, student of Ching-Ling Wan, and with Wen-Sinn Yang.

Cho, Grace Soo-Yeon , piano, from Korea Kyung Hee University, student of Kye Rung Suh. First prize of Korea Music Association competition and 1st prize Youngnam University music contest.

Chu, Tiffany Yi-Ting 朱儀庭, viola, is a junior at National Taipei University of Education.

Han, Hsin-Ho 韓心禾, violin, is from Taiwan Gwang Wu Junior High school. First prizewinner of the 2016 Hsinchu student violin competition

Hung, Dommie Chien-Hsi 洪千璽, piano and violin, is from Taiwan National Hsin Chu High School. A piano student of Ai-Hsuan Yang, and violin student of Chi-Tzo Yang. First prize in 2016 Taiwan Musical Note piano competition.

Kao, Julie Yu-Tung 高宇彤, violin, is a Junior at the National Taiwan Normal University, student of Chien-Da Su.

Lam, Long Ting 藍朗婷, piano, is from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, student of Timothy Kwok Ka Ho. She received Trinity Licentiate (LTCL) Performance Diploma.

Lian, Shawn XiangYun , piano and composition, is a junior at the Central Conservatory of Music Academy at Guiangyu (Xiamen), China. Piano teacher Cheng Yang, composition teacher Quanlv Xu.

Chi Wei Lo 駱奇偉, piano. Festival Teaching Assistant. He received his BA and MM from Juilliard and
he is going to NEC for his DMA in Piano Contemporary Improvisation.

Shi, Aria Jiaruo, piano and composition, is a student at Walnut Hill School, piano student of Mana Tokuno and composition student of Emily Koh.

Xing, Michael, saxophone, is from Chenery Middle School, MA, a student of Ken Radnofsky.

Zeng, Dailin 曾黛琳 , piano, is a freshman at Eastman School of Music with Nelita True. She raduated from Walnut Hill School as a student of YaFei Chuang.

Betty Xing Zhang, piano, Festival Teaching Assistant. DMA candidate at Michigan State University. She received her MM from Yale and BM from Boston Conservatory.

Zhang, Gehan 張格菡, piano, a freshman of the attached middle school of Central Conservatory. Student of Zhang Jing. She received 1st prize of 2008 Gold cup in Dalian, and 1st prize of the 2015 "cadenza" Cup National Youth Piano Competition Chinese youth group.

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