The 28th Annual All-American Chinese
Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition
  (April , 2019)
Sponsored and organized by
The Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts,
Lincoln, Massachusetts

   submission due date April 15, 2019

Objective: To promote and to preserve the traditional art of Chinese brush painting and calligraphy.

Eligibility: All students, except adults (age 23 and above), regardless of ethnic origin, individual or currently             enrolled in Chinese school, private art class, art studio, and/or college in United States are eligible. There are four age groups:

A: Age 9 and under,
B: age 10 to 13,
C: age 14 to 17, and
D: age 18 to 22. 

Each student can submit two pieces of either brush painting or calligraphy, or both, total up to four  pieces per student if both brush painting and calligraphy works are included. Award recipients of  previous years are encouraged to enter the competition again.


  1. The art work should be produced by the student her/himself.  Xerox copy or tracing of existing arts or calligraphy is not acceptable.

  2. Use Chinese rice paper only.  The minimum size is 11x17 inches. No maximum size limitation.

  3. Student should write their Chinese names on the front corner.

  4.  On the back side of each piece, attach a small piece of paper with the following information:  student’s name (both Chinese and English), date of birth, age group, telephone, Email, name of the school or studio enrolled (in both Chinese and/or English), the name, address, Email, and the phone number of the contact person, and whether this piece needs to be returned ($7 per each piece that needs to be returned. )

  5. There is no entry fee.  A $7 handling fee for each piece that needs to be returned. Otherwise, the  returning of the artwork is not guaranteed. After the competition, all winners’ artworks will be mounted and returned regardless whether a $7 fee is paid or not.
    Make the checks payable to Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, 3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773.  Tel: 781-259-8195, Email:, Website:

  6. (Except Group D) Artworks should be collected and sent in as a group. A list of the participants (names in both Chinese and English, and their ages and birth dates), the telephone, Email and mailing address of the contact person from each school or group must be provided.

Awards:  Normally three Gold, three Silver, three Bronze prizes will be awarded to each group. Additional  Honor awards will be issued if a large number of contestants within that particular group. All winners will receive award certificates.  Each Gold prizewinner will receive $100 in cash. As a part of the prize, the winners’ artwork will be mounted. It will also be displayed on our website The winning pieces will be returned to the contact person after the competition.

Deadline for submission: All of the artworks have to arrive at the Foundation address before April 15, 2019. It will be exhibited from April 20 to April 30, 2019 at the Chinese Culture Center (90 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, MA). The jury will take place on Saturday morning, April 20, 2019. The results will be announced immediately.

Panel of Judges:

  • Dr. Doris Chu 朱蓉: Writer, art critic and collector.  Juror of professional art competitions

  • Prof. Wai-Fong Loh 陸惠風: Former professor of Chinese History at Harvard.  Poet, writer, and art collector.

  • Mr. Qingxiong Ma 馬清雄: Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher.

  • Mr. Yu-Sing Jung 鍾耀星: renowned architect and calligrapher. Art collector.

  • Mr. Ho-Chung Lam 林浩宗: Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher.  Former president of the Chinese American Fine Arts Society

  • Prof. Aida Yuen Wong 阮圓: Chair, East Asian Studies 東亞研究系主任 Brandeis University

With all the precaution and care given to prevent any damage to the art works submitted, we are not responsible for any unintentional losses. This event is supported in part by the TAN Family Culture Fund. Donation from you and the general public are greatly appreciated.

Information: Dr. Catherine Tan Chan 譚嘉陵, President, Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts. 3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773. Email:

Please forward, make copies and distribute to friends, schools and newspapers
Exhibits of  previous Winners’ artworks at left column ordered by years 1999 to 2018

28 (2019) 全美青少年國畫書法比賽簡章





三﹑報名資格:全美各地中文學校,書畫學苑 (成人班除外) ,個人及大專院校之學生皆可參加,不論國籍地區。每組每人限繳作品兩件,可同時參加國畫及書法組 (最多四件),免報名費。歷屆得獎者亦可繼續參賽。





五﹑獎勵方式:每組選金、銀、銅、佳作獎,頒發獎狀。金牌除獎狀外,另頒發 $ 100 獎金。所有入選作品除刊登於本會網站上,並由主辦單位裝裱後,退還各校聯絡人代為返還作者。


六﹑日期:1. 報名截止: 2019年四月十五日(以作品寄達日為準,非以郵戳為憑)
2. 成績揭曉: 所有參賽作品將於 2019420日至430日假波士頓僑教中心展出;並於 420日星期六上午經評審委員評選後,當場決定名次。


七﹑評審委員:朱蓉 (前波士頓中華藝文苑總裁)、陸惠風 (書畫收藏家)、馬清雄 (書畫家)、鍾耀星 (名建築師、書法家、書畫收藏家)、林浩宗 (書畫家)、阮圓 (Brandeis大學東亞研究系主任,亞洲美術史教授)



  1. 必須為學生自己的作品。描紅及複印品,恕不接受。

  2. 每幅作品背面貼上一小張白紙,註明中英文姓名、年齡、生日、地址、電話、Email、就讀學校、書畫苑或大學名稱。並在作品正面註明中文姓名。丁組﹝十八歲至二十二歲﹞可個別寄送作品。

  3. 須使用宣紙,不必裝裱。 題材無限,以不涉及政治性為原則。

  4. 尺寸最小為 11" x 17",最大不限。

  5. 作品如需退還,請於報名時附退件手續費,每件作品 $ 7 美元,否則不保證退還。
    Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts

  6. 除丁組及個人外,作品由各學校收齊後,由校方聯絡人統一寄至:

中華表演藝術基金會 會長譚嘉陵 Dr. Catherine Tan Chan,

Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts,  3 Partridge Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773



  1. 請由聯絡人提供參賽總名單一份。 註明中英文學校名、中英文學生姓名、聯絡人電話、住址、Email。請務必提供 Email以便聯絡。

  2. 參賽作品於競賽、展覽期間如不慎毀損,本會誠表歉疚,但無賠償責任。




*      8 26 (1999-2018) 得獎作品已登載於本會網頁(左欄依年份排序).


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